May. 2009 Picasso in the Ice-Cream shop

The creations of this season’s Picasso-themed ice cream menu can be enjoyed in the Gelateria Claudia and in the patisserie at the Klammstrasse. Aside from our timeless classics, you can always find new flavor combinations for the perfect ice cream enjoyment.

wedding cakes

Feb. 2009 Wedding cakes!

We create the most beautiful wedding cakes for the big day! Every cake is created individually according to the wishes of the bride and groom. It doesn’t only look amazing, it tastes even better - come visit our shop and we will make your wedding cake dreams come true.


Oct. 2008 Chestnut time!

Fall also means it is Chestnut season again - many of you awaited it desperately: We enjoy the Chestnut in cakes, roulades or as the simple classic: Chestnut-rice with wipped cream. For more, please visit our Confiserie.

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Oct. 2008 All Saints Day braided loaf

The shape of the All Saints Day braided loaf goes back to ancient Roman mourning traditions. They would cut off one’s braid to symbolize mourning. Over time, this tradition evolved into baking braided bread, and today is traditionally given from a godparent to their godchildren.

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Sep. 2008 Winter break at the Gelateria Claudia + Piccolo

Our two ice cream shops close annually during the winter months. We are looking forward to the next season, which always starts in April. At the "Piccolo" you will of course be able to get bread, baked goods and seasonal products all year ‘round…

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