Il gelato di Schwindhackl

Eissalon Claudia, Birkfelderstraße

Our ice cream is known all around the region for its high quality, terrific taste, fresh ingredients and great variety of flavors.
A visit to Weiz wouldn’t be complete during the summer months without a Schwindhackl ice cream.

During the warm summer months, you can find our ice cream in three different locations in Weiz:

  • At the bakery and coffeeshop in the Klammstrasse (main shop)
  • At the "Gelateria Claudia" in the Birkfelder Strasse (April - September)
  • At the "Gelati Piccolo" on the Bismarckplatz

If you are looking for the perfect ice cream experience, then we are looking forward to welcoming you at the "Gelateria Claudia". We await you with everything from ice cream in a waffle cone to an elaborately decorated ice cream creation. We offer more than 25 different flavors on a daily basis - from fresh fruit to chocolaty, classic to innovative. We are certain that once you’ve tried our ice cream, you will be a lifelong fan!

Gelati Piccolo
Vitrine mit 36 Eissorten
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Frutti freddo
Eisschleckgarten beim Piccolo
schokothek schwindhackl pension christina

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Eissalon Claudia:

Season starts on
21st March 2010