Die Spitzenbäcker: Hannes Goesselbauer, Johann Vorraber

It’s been known for many years that the foundation of a healthy and balanced diet has been bread: Original Styrian, Austrian, dark wheat, rye or farmer bread - for example our famous "Trifterbrot".

Do you know why so many tourists look forward to returning to Styria?
That’s right, real bread!

The culture of baking in Austria is unique. In our bakery we offer bread in countless shapes and sizes always fresh and ready to be enjoyed. From whole-grain bread to multi-grain bread - everybody will find their favorite.
And of course there is the all time favorite - the white roll. Round or long in shape, the roll can be found in every Austrian household. Apart from the white roll, our multi-grain rolls offer a variety of all tastes.

If you happen to have allergies, we also have specific assortment that will accommodate your need. Just ask one of our sales assistants.

There is one more thing to mention: Have you ever tried our Schwindhackl Sesame-olive oil loaf?

Warning - addiction inevitable!

Handgeformte Kaisersemmel
Der berühmte Sesamwecken
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